Web Design

Our web design services focus on two key issues, solving business problems, and meeting users needs.

Web Design

Tailor-made websites to corner your market.

Engage your users with a balance of beautiful visuals and a functional experience with purpose. We deliver elegant designs to our clients with easy to navigate interfaces across all devices. No matter what your goals are, we at Opulent Dev will help you attain them. From lead conversions, online sales, or driving traffic to your website, your optimised website design will keep your users interactive and perform with positive results.

Web Design Process

Our design approach is based on industry methods and standards.

The discovery stage is used to define the parameters of the project. At this stage our team of designers, developers and analysts get together and brainstorm. To try locate the potential problems and subsequent solutions in your niche or industry sector.

We divide the work into phases.

We identify the most crucial components and propose solutions.

We outline each phase deadline and ensure they are met on time.

We follow these parameters throughout the design and development process.

At this stage we take our ideas and action them into working prototypes. Based on the research in phase one. We create as many of these ideas as we can and then refine them into the best possible approach. We then arrange the user components in such a way that users can understand how the product works with just a quick look. We start creating the function labels, site maps and using these we create wire frames. (visual guidelines that organize a website)

UI design is the assembly of the visual graphic interface of a website, it also has an immense impact on user procurement and retention. Our UI solutions and designs help you define and establish your brand identity. Having a solid brand identity helps your product get the edge over your competitors..

We start by defining the layout and visual direction from phase two, to show us what guidelines we need to follow. We then design the look and feel around these guides with he use of imagery, iconography, typography, illustrations, and your business brand guidelines. 

The last phase is one of the most vital stages to a flawless design. We test the usability and pay utmost attention to assorted tests. From the internal user testing that we stress test and collect, we compile a feedback report. Based on results we proceed with the adjustment to ensure we delivery an optimal user interface. When all of the components of the design are revised and testes, we gather all assets in preparation for development.

Design with function

Whatever your business objectives are, we design beautiful websites, custom made to meet your needs.

Easy user navigation

Our strategic user experiences are consistent, enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Creative user interface

We pride ourselves on creating engaging designs that convert users into loyal customers.

Mobile responsive design

We ensure that they will get a clean, seamless view no matter which device is used.

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We instil great practice, quality and
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Web Development

Your website is your most important marketing tool.

We believe our clients should have full control of their website, from the scalability, functionality, appearance and content management. That is why at Opulent Dev we code our clients websites from scratch to ensure we tailor each part of the website to optimal industry standards.